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Off the Mat is a series of workshops created to take the benefits of yoga into every area of your life. It's a personal journey to look honestly at who you are, what you want, and how you can get it. This stuff goes deep, but it also stays physical and fun. And like all exercises, you get what you put into it, so we invite you to put in some muscle, some humor, a touch of humility, and a super open mind. You will walk away feeling more capable, more connected and ready to lead!


Build your 2020 Yoga Series

Congratulations! You’ve gotten yourself a new year! What are you going to give it - and what are you going to get from it? Off the Mat is starting 2020 with a series of six classes designed to strengthen your booty and focus your brain. Each 75-minute class includes 45 minutes of yoga and 30 minutes of reflection, discussion and planning designed to close out 2019, think big for 2020, then build the intentions and skills to make it happen. Whether you come to all six or just drop in for one, your participation gets you a discount on our first Off the Mat retreat of 2020.

DATE           THEME              GUIDING QUESTION

6pm Jan 14    Close out 2019       What does last year mean to me?

6pm Jan 21    Vision for 2020        What am I doing this year to live my best life?

6pm Jan 28    Get on Brand          How do my actions reflect my true self?

6pm Feb 4     Seeing the Arc        Where am I in the stories of my life?

6pm Feb 11   Express Yourself      How do I share what matters?

6pm Feb 18   Maintenance           How do I keep good things going?

Sign up for each class through the Modo Yoga Austin Class Schedule

All classes held in the Moon Room at Modo Yoga Studio in Austin, TX

Off the Mat Retreat: 2/29-3/1 2020

Get the full Off the Mat experience of Choose, Connect and Lead in an immersive and reflective space. This Leap Day we will host our first weekend retreat in the Texas Hill Country. In addition to the workshops we will have time to explore the grounds of the beautiful Samadhi Yoga retreat, enjoy fresh, delicious meals, and build community with folks looking to live an empowered and fulfilling life.


NOTE: This stuff is absolutely transformative, but also there is no way to spend that much time with Kim and Gillian without things getting at least moderately silly and incredibly fun. 

picture of Samadhi Yoga Retreat


Purpose: See choice more clearly in your life to develop new approaches to challenges

And probably tree pose


Purpose: Strengthen communication by becoming more present and open to others

Ooh! Heart openers!


Purpose: Develop your ability to distill purpose and engage followers to achieve theirs

Definitely some abs


I walked away with the feeling that I can do things in a real way; I feel powerful stepping off the mat.”

It was mental muscle training!

I have been to a lot of yoga seminars and this is not the same old nonsense.”

[The workshop] gives you tools to step out of your comfort zone in a safe setting that can help you when you are out in the world.”


 For more information contact:



7010 Easy Wind Dr. Suite 130

Austin, TX78752


Kim Caldwell

Kim Caldwell teaches many things but definitely not yoga. She does teach strategic communication through her business Caldwell Connect. She also parents, adults, wifes, votes, reads, cries, laughs and practices yoga.

Gillian Brockett

Gillian Brockett has never taken her yoga practice too seriously. She just practices, co-owns, and teaches yoga at Modo Yoga Austin. She also parents, builds stuff, leads retreats in Texas and abroad, and constantly reminds everyone that they don't have to do stuff that sucks.

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